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  • EP 283 Tapered plugs with pull ring tab

    Easy removal due to ring tab. Protects threads, pipes, hoses and bores. Tapered body design of the plug accommodates larger tolerances. Details →

  • EP 285 GL Tapered protection plugs / caps - Side release tab

    Push fit application. With strong and flexible side release-tab for quick removal. Designed to protect Gas pipes, Plastics pipes, Steel pipes, threads and bore holes. Details →

  • EP 306 Push-in flange face protectors

    Suitable for both imperial ( ANSI ) and metric ( DIN ) flanges to specifications BS 5504, DIN 2627 - 2638 and ANSI B 16.5. Details →

  • EP 330 Pull tab hose plugs

    Pull Tab Hose Plugs are ideal for plugging Steel pipes, Plastic pipes and hydraulic hoses. Large Pull Tab allows easy removal. Details →


STARCAPS is the global market leading provider of protection and finishing solutions, manufacturing and distributing plastic protective caps and plugs, strain relief connectors and metal products.

Should you require information about i.e. Threaded Caps, Pipe Caps, Protective Plugs or Cable Glands, please contact the STARCAPS sales team.


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